The DocNet Symposium has been organized for the last 15 years and has since become a well-established tradition at the University of St.Gallen. It provides a unique platform for academics, practitioners, doctoral alumni, and current DocNet members to come together to explore a current and socially relevant topic from various perspectives.

This time we have chosen the following highly relevant and controversial topic:

Decision Making – Art or Science?

Yes, or no? Now, or never? A, B, or C? Our life is characterized by a plethora of decisions. Every day, we make roughly 100’000 decisions, only 100 of which are conscious. Many of our decisions seem trivial, but in hindsight affect us more than we dare to admit. One decision can determine our personal, family-related, financial, professional and social future. And yet, is it actually possible to make “right” decisions? Is good decision making a science that can be studied and learned or rather an art which is largely out of our control and subject to coincidence? These and many more questions will be discussed and challenged at this year’s DocNet Symposium from various perspectives.

If you are interested in discussing those and many more questions related to this subject with academics, business leaders, and doctoral students, Register here and join us for the 15th DocNet Symposium! The preparations are running at full speed.


  • Networking. Become a member of the exclusive Symposium community
  • From Insight to Impact. Insight speeches of researchers with impact workshops of experienced practitioners
  • Scientific Foundation. Latest findings of renowned professors of the University of St.Gallen and other leading research facilities
  • Up-to-date. Latest insights regarding challenges and chances of decision-making
  • Top Management. Key experiences of strategy consultants and top managers
  • Wide Spectrum. Variety of backgrounds such as emergency physicians, judges, coaches, and brokers