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Dear DocNet Member,

We hope that you are well.

As promised, a quick update with regards to the postponement and cancellation of DocNet activities. In the interest of avoiding overly communication, we have waited until instructions from university and BAG in reaction to COVID-19 have become clear.

On the instructions of the university management and the SHSG, we regret to inform you that we are continuing to temporarily cancel all upcoming events and activities at the university until further notice, but at least until the 24 May for the time being. We will try to make up for the events we had to postpone and hope to make many of them happen, once the situation normalizes. Naturally, we will keep you informed on future developments. Also, to ease the pain of not being able to meet during this time, we have organized the first virtual event for you!

On Wednesday, 8 April, BAG announced continuance of the measures in reaction to the COVID-19 pandemic until the 26 April. This is an exceptional situation in which everybody is called to help stop the spreading of the coronavirus. Information about precautions and current measures by BAG can be found here.

Please note, that above also applies to our Running Team. Joachim Stonig will gladly keep you informed in the Running Team WhatsApp group.

Thank you very much for your understanding and please stay healthy.
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  1. DocNet Virtual Game Night
  2. Elections of Commitee Representative and Appeal Commitee
  3. Continuation Doc.Mobility 2021
  4. Swiss Summer School in Social Science Methods 2020, Lugano
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  7. DocNet Job Portal - Find your Career Opportunity!
  8. Young Investigators Programme: Events and Workshops Spring 2020

DocNet Virtual Game Night

DocNet goes virtual!

Are you tired of talking to yourself in the mirror? You have already watched every single Netflix series? Twice? Don’t worry, we don’t let you down! As much as we miss our events together with you DocNet members, we stick to self-isolation and quarantine. However, we still want to host a virtual event to come together and play some rounds of online board games (think HouseParty, Jass, Activity)!

You don’t have to be a Pro to join – above all we would like to (virtually) gather and have some fun. We will start next Thursday, 8:00pm, and shall first come together in a Zoom session. Afterwards, depending on your preferences for games, you will join a breakout room with your gaming fellows. From then on, you can game all night long!

Register until next Wednesday, April 22th to be part of our very first virtual event!

Elections of Commitee Representative & Appeal Commitee

Do you want to engage on the university’s highest political stage? Do you want to influence and model the future of our university? Do you want to be discussing with Bernhard Ehrenzeller and Vito Roberto on an equal footing?

Now is your chance! Apply to represent your fellow PhD students in the schools, the senate or the appeal committee!

It is important that the PhD students are also well represented in the commitees.

Apply until Monday, 20th of April, 2020, 8am!

Continuation Doc.Mobility 2021

The SNSF will discontinue the existing Doc.Mobility scheme at the end of 2020. The last call for Doc.Mobility is September 1st, 2020.

As of 2021, the SNSF will only fund the mobility of doctoral students within the scope of "mobility grants in projects". To still provide PhD students from the University of St.Gallen who are not involved in an SNSF project with the possibility to strengthen their research profile at a research institution abroad, the HSG research commission and the Vice President’s Board of Research & Faculty are currently working on a follow-up program starting in 2021. Detailed program information as well as the terms and conditions of this follow-up program will be announced by the research commission of the University of St.Gallen in autumn 2020.

Swiss Summer School in Social Science Methods 2020, Lugano

Organized jointly the University of Lugano and FORS, the Summer School in Social Science Methods, offers a series of workshops in both quantitative and qualitative methods for researchers, students and practitioners motivated to improve and deepen their methodological skills and knowledge. The focus of all workshops is on practical applications.

Week 1: Quantitative Methods for Social Research, Case Studies, Evaluation Methods, Introduction to panel methods, Designing Your (Academic) Future, Qualitative Interviewing

Week 2: Structural Equation Modeling (SEM), Content Analysis and Natural Language Processing, Multilevel Analysis, Panel data analysis using the Swiss Household Panel as an example, Discourse Theory and Analysis, Survey Methods and Questionnaire Design.

For further information and registration please click here.

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Then our Job Portal is worth a visit! Browse through job offerings from esteemed companies tailored to PhDs, that will bring your career up to speed.

Young Investigator Programme: Events and Workshops Spring 2020!

Our events are free of charge for HSG PhD-students. If you want to register for any of our courses or have questions please send an email to

Please contact the YIP directly in case of any questions regarding further program changes due to the corona virus.

PhD Writing Group
Need to have pages written? Our PhD Writing Group offers time and space for your writings (every Friday morning). You get the chance to develop a writing routine and increase productivity.

Would you like to join? Just drop us an email:

Courses and Events for Ph.D. students at the research stage and early Postdocs/Assistant Professors
PhD-Writing Group
Individual support with creating a mentoring-tandem
The productive PhD: gaining clarity, creating insights and making progress
28 April
Umgang mit schwierigen Seminarsituationen
Decision making for mid-career researchers
04 May 2020
Flipchartgestaltung für "Neulinge"
Visualizing my literature review
26 May 2020
Academic Writing Toolbox: Towards the Ideal Text
23 Juni 2020
Abschlussarbeiten und schriftliche Arbeiten betreuen und bewerten

Courses and Events for Ph.D. students at the coursework stage

PhD-Writing Group
Individual support with creating a mentoring-tandem
Projectmanagement for applied research
Getting started with your Ph.D Project: The successful path
The productive PhD: gaining clarity, creating insights and making progress
Visualizing my literature review
26 May 2020
Academic Writing Toolbox: Towards the Ideal Text

We wish you all the best with your PhD-studies, and thank you all for this amazing past year!

Your DocNet-Team

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