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Dear DocNet Member,

Thanks for being part of our community and for your interest in our cultural, professional, sporty, and leisure events! We are excited to organize more of them for you. Make sure to also check out the calls and courses of our appreciated partners below.

At a glance

  1. DocNet Lunch in June
  2. DocNet Summer Drinks - Sold out!
  3. DocHike - 5 Lakes Hike Pizol - Register now!
  4. Bodenseelauf - DocNet Running Team - Register now!
  5. DocHike Säntis Breakfast - Register now!
  6. Save the Date - DocNet-DAC Get-Together in Zurich
  7. Save the Date - 18th DocNet Symposium
  8. Design Your (Academic) Future Workshop
  9. Job Application Trainings for (Doctoral) Students
  10. DocNet Event Calendar Subscription
  11. Follow DocNet on Professional Networks!
  12. DocNet Job Portal - Find your Career Opportunity!
  13. Young Investigators Programme: Events and Workshops Summer 2020

DocNet Lunch in June

Join us and your fellow PhD colleagues for our monthly lunch meet-up! The hassle-free opportunity to get to know your fellow PhD students, exchange ideas, and to unwind for a moment while having lunch.

When & where: Wednesday, June 17th, 12.00pm @ HSG-Mensa

DocNet Summer Drinks

The waiting has come to an end and we are happy to announce that our famous DocDrinks are back on the 18 June 2020.

At the beer garden of Netts Schützengarten we will enjoy a refreshing beer or glass of wine, and get in touch with your PhD peers and new members. Early arrivers will be rewarded: The first couple of drinks are on us, so come by early.

As we have reserved some places (max. of 30 people), capacity is limited and signing up on Facebook is not sufficient. Instead we kindly ask you to register for the event on our website – first come first served.

DocHike - 5 Lakes Hike Pizol

It’s been a while since our last in-person event, but we haven’t been idle. As we feel that outdoor events are most prudent to start with, we are happy to invite you to hiking the five-lakes hike in the Pizol area with us. The hike itself is 4-5 hours, excluding the gondola ride from Wangs and back. It’s a proper hike, so make sure to bring adequate shoes (no flip-flops or sneakers), clothes, water and snacks to make it all the way. You’ll be rewarded by stunning views both over the Rhine-valley and Walensee. Also, there’s plenty of mountain huts where we can rest for a break and a well-deserved bite to eat.

We’ll meet at Pizolbahn valley station (Talstation) at 9:45 on 28 June 2020. There’s a train from SG main station at 8:25 to Sargans, and a bus from there to the gondola. The prices for the gondola (up and down) are 23 CHF with Halbtax or GA, 45 CHF without. Please register below so that we know whom to expect.

We look forward to gathering again and enjoying the mountains with you!

Bodensee Run - DocNet Running Team

To celebrate the return of team activities, we will also organize a run to Lake Constance on July 7. We run from the university sports hall to Steinach (Lake Constance); there we will have a well-deserved rest – and maybe a beer at Connys Hafenbeizli, corona situation permitting of course – before we are heading back to St. Gallen by bus. The length of the track is roughly 13.5km and is mostly going downward (there are 3-4 short upward passages).

We will start at 19:00 in front of the university sports hall. Pace will be roughly 6:00 minutes per kilometer, sort of an intermediate speed. On regular running team on Tuesday evenings, we will train for this run. Starting slowly and casually on June 9, we will increase our speed and distance every week to be fully prepared for the Bodenseelauf. Come join us for these workouts!
We would be delighted if you could join and spend a great run with us to Lake Constance and have a drink there-after. We hope that the weather will sunny, but we will keep you updated about our plans in case it is raining.
Pizol Hike

DocHike Säntis Breakfast

Dear DocNet hiking folks, on Saturday, 11th of July, we have a very special early-bird event planned for you. We will have breakfast at the summit of the Säntis – the highest mountain in the Alpstein with an altitude of over 2,500 metres. To reach the mountain, we will start at the Schwägalp and hike our way up on the direct way. During the hike, we can enjoy breathtaking views over the Swiss mountains.

We will meet at 6:00 am at the St.Gallen train station (north exit, “Fachhochschule St. Gallen (FHSG)”). We then drive (with cars) to the Schwägalp, where we start our hike at 6:45 am. At the Säntis summit, we will enjoy breakfast together. Afterwards, we use the Schwebebahn (cable car) back to the Schwägalp and drive back to St.Gallen.

The hike will only take place in case of good weather. A final notification (confirmation or cancellation of the event) will be sent to everyone who registered the day before. If you have any questions, please contact Daniel Fauser.

The tickets are free of charge, however you will have to cover the price for the breakfast (26.50 CHF) and the ride with the Schwebebahn (19 CHF with Halbtax/GA or CHF 38 without) yourselves.

For drivers, DocNet will cover the Säntis-Zmorge (breakfast).
We are looking forward to exploring the Alpstein with you!

Save the Date - DocNet-DAC Get-Together in Zurich

Take the chance and join us at our DocNet meets DAC event which is a special edition of our DocDrinks. The DAC is the association for doctoral alumni from the HSG and together we host joint events annually to keep close ties. We are sure that the exchange with former doctoral students will be exciting and of course a lot of fun.

When? Thursday, 23.07., 8pm
Where? Zurich, the exact location will be announced soon

Save the Date - 18th DocNet Symposium

Thriving in chaos – how to master adverse situations. We live in a world of increasing globalization and digitalization, characterized by constant change and uncertainty. The recent pandemic has demonstrated just how fragile the global construct has become, inflicting chaos upon each and every one of us. One thing we know for certain: it is not the first time we witness such chaos and it definitely will not be the last. Therefore, the 18th DocNet Symposium will focus on the topic of thriving in such chaotic situations.

Please SAVE THE DATE: 20. November 2020!

This year again, you have the unique opportunity to participate in the selection of speakers. Tell us by e-mail ( which speakers you would like to hear at the Symposium. We are looking forward to many ideas and suggestions!

When & where: Friday, 20th November 2020, @ WBZ Holzweid

Further Information and Recommendations

Design Your (Academic) Future Workshop in Lugano

What's good work for you? A job with a social standing and a high salary? Or, one which allows for self-realisation, to move something, to create meaning, to shape the future and accelerate your per-sonal development? And because happiness and fulfillment isn't only limited to your spare time, there is no need to distinguish between "work" and "life": lifetime is worktime multiplied by joy. This workshop uses design thinking to address demands of "new work". Together with other PhD students and Postdocs, you develop a constructive and effective approach to finding and designing your vocation at the University or elsewhere by developing new thinking patterns and working on your future ideas. During this workshop, you will learn how to work into your life rather than try to fit yourself into a job.

In a nutshell, you will look into three things...
1) Developing productivity for your immediate future
2) Increase meaningfulness for your immediate and near future
3) Ensure you look forward with mental strength and resilience

Join Prof. Dr. Sebastian Kernbach for the workshop "Design Your (Academic) Future" at the Swiss Summer School for more productivity, meaning and resilience for your (research) journey. From 17-21 August 2020 in Lugano, in-person in a big room and also virtually if you cannot come personally. The last 3 places are available. Find more information here.
Job Application Trainings for (Doctoral) Students

Improve your chances of finding your dream job and take part in an application training course at the Psychological Institute of the University of Zurich. We offer you the opportunity to test your skills in a one-day assessment center and receive feedback on your performance. The applicant training sessions take place from July to October 2020. Please find more information here.

DocNet Event Calendar Subscription!

Never miss an DocNet event ever again! Stay updated by subscribing to the DocNet event calendar in your calendar app (such as Outlook) of choice! Instructions here.

Follow DocNet on Professional Networks!

Stay updated and connect with your peers: Follow DocNet on LinkedIn or join our group on XING.

DocNet Job Portal - Find your Career Opportunity!

You are in the final stage of your dissertation? You are looking for the next step in your career?

Then our Job Portal is worth a visit! Browse through job offerings from esteemed companies tailored to PhDs, that will bring your career up to speed.

Young Investigator Programme: Events and Workshops Summer 2020!

Our events are free of charge for HSG PhD-students. If you want to register for any of our courses or have questions please send an email to

Please contact the YIP directly in case of any questions regarding further program changes due to the corona virus.

PhD Writing Group
Need to have pages written? Our PhD Writing Group offers time and space for your writings (every Friday morning). You get the chance to develop a writing routine and increase productivity.

Would you like to join? Just drop us an email:

Courses and Events for Ph.D. students at the research stage and early Postdocs/Assistant Professors
PhD-Writing Group
Individual support with creating a mentoring-tandem
Conference Skills: Presenting and Discussing Research
Projectmanagement for applied research
Decision making for mid-career researchers
Doing Research, but how? (German)
12 June
Zoom: Visualizing my literature review

Courses and Events for Ph.D. students at the coursework stage

PhD-Writing Group
Individual support with creating a mentoring-tandem
Getting started with your Ph.D Project: The successful path
Doing Research, but how? (German)
12 June
Zoom: Visualizing my literature review

We wish you all the best with your PhD-studies, and thank you all for this amazing past year!

Your DocNet-Team

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