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Dear DocNet Member,

Thanks for being part of our community and for your interest in our cultural, professional, sports, and social events! We are excited to organize more of them for you. Make sure to also check out the calls and courses of our appreciated partners below.

At a glance

  1. DocNet Summer Party - Join Us Tonight!
  2. 18th DocNet Symposium - Get Your Early Bird Tickets Now!
  3. DocDrinks in September - Save the Date!
  4. Piano Concert "Willkommen Zurück" - Register now!
  5. DocNet Lunch in September
  6. DocNet Running Team
  7. Event Idea: Fuckup Night - Give Feedback Now!
  8. DocNet Event Calendar Subscription
  9. DocNet Job Portal - Find your Career Opportunity!
  10. Survey on the Institutional Affiliation of Doctoral Students and Assistants
  11. Call for Participating in the IBM AI Challenge
  12. Young Investigators Programme: Events and Workshops Autumn 2020
We, the current DocNet board, would like to learn more about the interests and needs of doctoral students at HSG. Therefore, you are invited to fill in our survey and help improve DocNet:
Thank you in advance for filling it out until Sunday, 5 September 2020! Do you also want to share something non-commercial with the DocNet community? Feel free to post in our Facebook group or contact us by email to include it in our newsletter.
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DocNet Summer Party

On September 4th, 2020, we will celebrate our traditional DocNet Summer Party at Frauenbad Dreilinden! Join us and feel free to wear your Hawaiian shirt or grass skirt, starting at 8 p.m.!

The Summer Party is one of DocNet’s flagship events. Meet fellow PhD students and friends, and enjoy a BBQ with delicious Swiss meat, a variety of salads and of course not to forget an ice-cold beer or a tasty glass of wine – or both.

Early-bird tickets for CHF 25 are available until 7th of August (CHF 30 afterwards). As the location is limited to 100 people, we strongly advise you to register as soon as possible. Included in the price are: the entry to Frauenbad, BBQ and drinks. Your entry to the after-party will also be covered, which will take place at the Trischli Club.

+1s and non-member friends of DocNet are of course also warmly invited. Early-bird tickets for non-members are CHF 30 (CHF 35 regularly) and can either be bought by their DocNet friends or at the event.
We hope to see you in September to celebrate the end of summer and enjoy a nice Friday evening together!

P.S.: Due to the current circumstances and for your own safety, we will need your contact information for the registration. Please be aware that we are obliged to ask you for further information (postal code and mobile number) on the day of the event. You will also have to confirm that there has been no contact with Covid-19 infected persons or infection itself and that you will comply with the protection measures at the event.

18th DocNet Symposium

Thriving in chaos – how to master adverse situations. We live in a world of increasing globalization and digitalization, characterized by constant change and uncertainty. The recent pandemic has demonstrated just how fragile the global construct has become, inflicting chaos upon each and every one of us. One thing we know for certain: it is not the first time we witness such chaos and it definitely will not be the last. Therefore, the 18th DocNet Symposium will focus on the topic of thriving in such chaotic situations. Amazing speakers await you to share their unique insights and perspectives on this topic.

Tickets are available now!

When & where: Friday, 20th November 2020, @ WBZ Holzweid

DocDrinks in September

DocDrinks are back in St. Gallen! Join us on September 17th, 2020 to enjoy a refreshing beer or glass of wine, and meet your PhD peers in a relaxing after work atmosphere.

Participation is free, but as usual, arriving early will pay off: the first couple of drinks are on us.
New PhDs are warmly welcome! You have new colleagues? Bring them along and introduce them to the DocNet community.

The location will be announced very soon.

Please, register for the event below so that we can keep track of the participants.
We look forward to seeing you all and stay safe!


Piano Concert "Willkommen Zurück"

Join us for the reopening of St. Gallen’s concert hall and save your spot to enjoy the piano concert of Anna Fedorova, playing pieces from Frédéric Chopin, Sergei Rachmaninow, Ludwig van Beethoven, and Alexander Skrjabin.

Advance ticket sales will start on August 24th, 2020. You can purchase the ticket (free of charge) on the theater’s website.

Please register for the event, so we know how many people to expect.
We will meet on Saturday, September 19th, at 07:00 p.m. in front of the post office at St. Gallen Brühltor (Brühlgasse 1) from where we will jointly walk to the concert hall.

DocNet Lunch in September

Join us and your fellow PhD colleagues for our monthly lunch meet-up! The hassle-free opportunity to get to know your fellow PhD students, exchange ideas, and to unwind for a moment while having lunch.

When & where: Tuesday, September 23rd, 12.00pm @ HSG-Mensa

DocNet Running Team

Interested in getting to know the best running tracks around St.Gallen or tired of running alone? Then join our DocNet Running Team! We get together once a week for a breath of fresh air and some exercise. We meet at 7.00 pm at the University Sports Hall and then make our way through the nearby Rotmonten running trails. No registration necessary, just pop by!

The running group is intended for both beginners and advanced runners. We will run at (almost) all weather conditions! If you need more information, write to Joachim (

When & where: Every Tuesday, 7.00 pm @ In front of University Sports Hall

Event Idea: Fuckup Night

We’re currently evaluating the idea to organize a Fuckup Night. If you don’t know the concept, it’s basically a get-together where people share moments of failure, explain why it came to it and how they overcame it. As failures are an inherent part of the scientific process about which nonetheless not much is spoken, we hope to take some of the pressure off of the individual by sharing and normalizing fuckups. Eventually, it may be a step towards a more modern error culture in science.

However, fuckup nights require both people to share their stories and those who want to listen. We’d therefore love to hear from you: are you interested in joining such an event; would you volunteer to share your moments of misery? There’d be a little something for your pains. Get in touch with and let us know your thoughts.

DocNet Event Calendar Subscription!

Never miss an DocNet event ever again! Stay updated by subscribing to the DocNet event calendar in your calendar app (such as Outlook) of choice! Instructions here.

Further Information and Recommendations

DocNet Job Portal - Find your Career Opportunity!

You are in the final stage of your dissertation? You are looking for the next step in your career?

Then our Job Portal is worth a visit! Browse through job offerings from esteemed companies tailored to PhDs, that will bring your career up to speed.

Survey on the Institutional Affiliation of Doctoral Students and Assistants

Due to the revision of the cantonal law that regulates the University of St.Gallen, fundamental structures can change; this includes the status of doctoral students and assistants with regard to their institutional affiliation. At the moment, assistants who are also enrolled as a doctoral student can choose to be active as students (Studierendenschaft) or faculty (Mittelbau), which creates different problems, e.g. because assistants correct exams or even hold lectures for students. Due to this, the aim is to create a clearer situation for doctoral students and assistants that would allow a better articulation of their issues in the respective commissions. More details on the situation of doctoral students as well as assistants can be read here (in German).

The survey is intended to provide a decision-making aid for the commissions currently working on the revision of the University Act. It is conducted via Microsoft Forms and it is anonymous. You can find it here (in German).

The options are:
- Creating a new, seperate group for doctoral students and assistants (this group would be detached from both, the students' structures as well as those of the Mittelbau (faculty)).
- Being part of the Mittelbau (faculty)
- Being part of the students
- Assistants being part of the Mittelbau (faculty), Doctoral students who are not employed at HSG being part of the students
data club

Call for Participating in the IBM AI Challenge

Dear DocNet-Members,

The Data Science and Technology Club would like to draw your attention to the IBM Artificial Intelligence (AI) Challenge.

Over the course of the following semester we will hold a challenge centred around AI with our partner IBM. The goal will be to analyse data gathered from temperature sensors and to build your own AI using machine learning and anomaly detection in order to create predictive analytics. The results will be presented to IBM through an interactive dashboard through which users can obtain real-time information about the state of the system.

The challenge will last approximatively 8 weeks and start in the last week of September. Participants will be put in groups of 4-5 members or can join as a team. This challenge can be completed by experienced developers but also less experienced persons since we will provide access to tools, templates and guidelines to support participants.

This is a great opportunity to not only work on a company-based project with a prestigious partner and allows you to train your professional computer science skills but also to win a private visit to the IBM facility in Switzerland to get a first-hand impression on the latest technological state of AI. For more information please contact:

The Data Science and Technology Club

Young Investigator Programme: Events and Workshops Autumn 2020!

Our events are free of charge for HSG PhD-students. If you want to register for any of our courses or have questions please send an email to

Please contact the YIP directly in case of any questions regarding further program changes due to the corona virus.

PhD Writing Group
Need to have pages written? Our PhD Writing Group offers time and space for your writings (every Friday morning). You get the chance to develop a writing routine and increase productivity.

Would you like to join? Just drop us an email:

Courses and Events for Ph.D. students at the research stage and early Postdocs/Assistant Professors
PhD-Writing Group
Individual support with creating a mentoring-tandem
Negotiation Skills for PhD Students
Designing your (academic) future
Info over Lunch: How can I finance my research?
Forschungsanträge erfolgreich schreiben
Wie weiter nach der Diss?
English for Grant writing
Conference Skills: Presenting and Discussing Research

Courses and Events for Ph.D. students at the coursework stage
PhD-Writing Group
Individual support with creating a mentoring-tandem
Doing Research, but how? (German)
Doing Research, but how? (English)
Negotiation Skills for PhD Students
Visualizing my literature review
Designing your (academic) future
Info over Lunch: How can I finance my research?
Forschungsanträge erfolgreich schreiben
We wish you all the best with your PhD-studies, and look forward seeing you soon!

Your DocNet-Team

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