Doc Hike: 5 Lakes Hike – Pizol [CANCELLED]

Doc Hike: 5 Lakes Hike – Pizol [CANCELLED]

Note! Due to remaining snow and uncertain weather forecast, we have to cancel the hike. We’ll evaluate in the coming days if we can squeeze in another try later in the year.


Dear DocNet members

It’s been a while since our last in-person event, but we haven’t been idle. As we feel that outdoor events are most prudent to start with, we are happy to invite you to hiking the five-lakes hike in the Pizol area with us. The hike itself is 5-6 hours, excluding the gondola ride from Wangs and back. It’s a proper, demanding hike, it’s cold above 2000 meters and there’s most likely snow on parts of the trail. If you’re experienced in the mountains, it’s not an issue, but it really shouldn’t be your first hike in Switzerland. Make sure to bring adequate shoes (no flip-flops or sneakers) and warm clothes. There are mountain huts, but unfortunately only towards the beginning and end of the hike, so make sure to bring enough water and snacks to make it all the way.
You’ll be rewarded by stunning views both over the Rhine-valley on one of the most beautiful hikes in Switzerland.

Read up on the hike here:

We’ll meet at Pizolbahn valley station (Talstation) at 9:45. There’s a train from SG main station at 8:25 to Sargans, and a bus from there to the gondola. The prices for the gondola (up and down) are 23 CHF with Halbtax or GA, 45 CHF without. Please register below so that we know whom to expect.

We look forward to gathering again and enjoying the mountains with you!

PS.: +1 are warmly welcome!


Photo by 🇨🇭 Claudio Schwarz | @purzlbaum on Unsplash

9:45 - 18:00
Wangs Talstation Pizolbahnen



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