DocDrinks in August

DocDrinks in August

Chances are, that you’ve just arrived at HSG for your PhD studies and haven’t met awfully many persons yet. Or, you have seen a bunch of new faces and are curious about getting to know them. Perhaps you just welcome the chance to see some friendly faces again. Our DocDrinks event gives you the opportunity to do exactly that!

Tag along, meet your PhD peers in a casual atmosphere, and get in touch with new members of our ever-growing DocNet community. As always early comers are rewarded: The first couple of drinks are on us, so pop-by early!

We will have a survey about your preferred location in St.Gallen soon. So watch out in our Facebook group and have your say!

New PhDs are warmly welcome! You have new colleagues? Bring them along and introduce them to the DocNet community.

The vote has been cast: We will have our DocDrinks at SüdBar this time.

19:30 - 22:30


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