DocDrinks in November

DocDrinks in November

DocDrinks are back!

We have felt your heartache and we couldn’t take it any longer: We are happy to announce that our infamous DocDrinks are back – and they are here to stay. We invite you to join us at La Buena Onda on November 28th from 7pm on. Feel free to bring your friends and new and old colleagues, your parents or even your professors so we can make sure we have a big night out.

Tag along, meet your PhD peers in a casual atmosphere, and get in touch with new members of our ever-growing DocNet community. As always early comers are rewarded: The first couple of drinks are on us, so pop-by early!

New PhDs are warmly welcome! You have new colleagues? Bring them along and introduce them to the DocNet community.


19:00 - 22:00
La Buena Onda Bar


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