DocDrinks Special – Möhl

DocDrinks Special – Möhl

Dear Docs and all of you on the way there!

We figured, we could all do with a little variation in our lives at the moment, so we’re keeping it up with the DocDrinks Specials. This time, we set out to discover the surroundings of St. Gallen and visit Möhl, a local ‘Mosterei’ and try some of their excellent musts, juices and fruit wines.

We’ll meet at 7 pm for our regular DocDrinks at the bar at MoMö, the factories museum. As per usual, the first drinks are on us – so be on time. Feel free to visit the factories exhibition before our event on your own schedule or check out their webpage.

How to get there: You have 3+ options:

  • Bus: #200 and 201 take you there in ~30 mins from St. Gallen Main Station. The Bus #200 leaving St. Gallen at 18.16 seems like a good fit. As always: don’t forget your face mask!
  • Bike: There will be a group of us going there by bike. We’ll meet at the Main Station in front of the FH Mensa and leave at 18.15. The way there is almost entirely downhill and will take ~30-45 mins. For the way back, you have the choice to either cycle back or take a train.
    If you want to join us for the ride but don’t have a bike, you can rent a bike for free at the Velostation just below the FH Mensa. Check out their webpage for more info.
  • Car: You can obviously go there by any other means – just remember: don’t drink and drive.

Please, register for the event below so that we can keep track of the participants.

Hope to see you there!


Photo by Möhl

19:00 - 22:30
MoMö - Schweizer Mosterei- und Brennereimuseum


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