DocNet Dancing Crash-Course

DocNet Dancing Crash-Course

Prepare to hit the HSG Ball and fly over the dance floor! 

You will learn basic steps and moves of various ballroom dances (Viennese waltz, English waltz, Disco Fox etc.) from a professional dancing instructor. You will also have some time to practice what you’ve learned. If you are not a beginner, the crash course is also the perfect opportunity to brush up your skills and work on your moves and techniques! 

Participation is free! 

Please note that you can sign up with or without a partner. If we can match you with a partner, we will confirm your participation via email. Instructions are in German, but dancing is not bound by language barriers. 😉

Things to bring

  • Important: Not all shoes are suitable for dancing. Please notice that we are at the HSG sports hall. Thus, no black staining soles. Also, running shoes or shoes with sticky soles are unsuitable for dancing. If possible, gentlemen bring dance shoes or alternatively dress shoes, whereas the ladies may use dance shoes (either flat or high heels max. 6 cm) or ballerinas. 
  • Gentlemen, please wear long and comfortable pants. 
  • If needed, bring some snacks for inbetween and something to drink. We will have lunch together at HSG B-Mensa around 12:00. 


10:00-12:00  Dancing sessions 1 and 2 
12:00-13:00  Lunch break @B-Mensa 
13:00-14:00  Dancing session 3 
14:00-15:00  Free dancing with individual support 

Please be there 5 to 10 minutes early! 

If you come as a couple, please only register once and book two places. We will try to match participants who book only one place. 

PS.: You don’t have a ticket for the HSG ball yet? Get it here: 


9:50 - 15:00
HSG Sporthalle



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