Event Cancellation Policy

DocNet works hard to provide attractive Events to all its members. Sadly, we have seen a rise of short noticed cancellations and “just-in-case” bookings. As our Events have become much bigger, and cancellation on short notice deprive other members of the opportunity to take part in Events, the following policy applies to all cancellations.

These provisions are intended to ensure fairness and equal treatment among all members. Moreover, they provide transparency for all Event-goers.

Cancellation up to 5 days before the Event

Full refund of the Event fee minus 5 CHF for administrative costs.

Cancellation later than 5 days before the Event

You will have to find another person to fill in for a full refund of the Event fee (minus 5 CHF for administrative costs). If you fail to find another person, and nobody else took your place, you will not get refunded. Please note: DocNet has no obligation to find a replacement taking over your booked place.

Cancellation due to Sickness

If you cannot attend due to an injury or sickness, we gladly refund you on production of a doctor’s note. The same conditions apply as with timely cancellation.

Hardship Clause

In special circumstances, DocNet reserves the right to deviate from this policy. Special circumstances may be force majeure or other events, that otherwise justify special treatment. In any case, 5 CHF will be deduced to cover our costs (see below).


Why are you charging 5 CHF for administrative costs?

Bookings and transactions are costing DocNet money. A full refund without any administrative fee would mean that Docnet (and thus all members) has to pay for these fees. In addition, handling of cancellation takes effort from the board’s side.

What happens if I cancel a free event?

Cancellation of free events does not incur administrative fees.